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What is the Malaysian Trustmark for Private Sector (MTPS)?
Malaysian Trustmark for Private Sector or best known as MTPS is a service with the objective to ensure the safety of e-commerce business over the Internet. This can be achieved through independent check by the appointed organization which certifies qualified merchant(s) or company(s).

Who is the operator for Malaysian Trustmark for Private Sector (MTPS)? CyberSecurity Malaysia, an agency under the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation is appointed as the Malaysia Trustmark Operator (MTO) by Government of Malaysia.

Who is the certifier for Malaysian Trustmark for Private Sector (MTPS)?
Currently, Security Assurance which is one of the departments in CyberSecurity Malaysia is the only Malaysia Trustmark Certifier (MTC) under MTPS. However, MTC can be from any organization that appointed by MTO.

What is different between MTO and MTC under MTPS?
The MTO is the entity that provides Malaysia Trustmark web seal as a result of audits in accordance with MTPS requirements.

The MTC is an independent entity from MTO who is responsible for reviewing and assessing the technical and security aspects of the Merchant or company e-business web portal and online payment system against the MTPS technical requirements and additional adopted standards and web security best practices.

What are the benefits of the Malaysia Trustmark for merchant(s) or company(s)?
Please read For Merchant and For Consumer page.

How much is the MTPS fee?
The total certification fee involves the number of auditors involved and number of audit days. It will vary depending on the clients certification requirements.

What other fees are involved apart from the certification fee?
Application fee and Annual Fee (for successful clients).

When should the Application Fee and Annual Fee be paid?
The Application fee should be paid together with the submission of the Application Form. The Annual Fee should be paid prior to receiving the Malaysia Trustmark web seal.

How does the certification body handles complaints?
Please read our Disputes, Complaints and Appeals procedure.

How do I know the organizations that have genuine Malaysia Trustmark?
Malaysia Trustmark shall be placed in merchant or company's website.